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 Necklace of the Rain Version X

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PostSubject: Necklace of the Rain Version X   Sat Jun 16, 2012 5:46 pm

The Necklace of the Rain Version X (雨のネックレス バージョンエクス, Ame no Nekkuresu: Bājon Ikusu) is the upgraded Original Vongola Rain Ring, upgraded by Talbot. The necklace was upgraded with Kojirou (the Vongola Box Rings)and Jirou, Penalty, and Yamamoto's resolve. The necklace is shaped like a minature sword which has the design of Jirou's head on it and a 10th Generation crest.
This necklace, as revealed by Talbot, is made exclusively for the 10th Generation Vongola Family. It took the form of a necklace to best suit Yamamoto's fighting style.
Upon activating his Cambio Forma, Yamamoto's Cambio Forma Version Vongola Gear, Yamamoto gains only two swords, along with armor around his wrist, arms and feet. Yamamoto also dons a traditional Japanese samurai uniform.

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Necklace of the Rain Version X

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