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 Luke Zepel

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PostSubject: Luke Zepel   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:29 pm

♦Luke Zepel♦

Your Mafia is Your life, Embrace it and love it.

Basic Info
First Name: Luke
Middle Name: Azoth
Last Name: Zepel
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nationality: Canadian
Job/Occupation: Mafia Guardian
Visual Appearance
Hair: Blonde, spiky but down
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Formal casual
Skin: White but tanned
Height: 6'2
Weight: 185
Blood Type: O+
Distinctive Features: Scar from the right side of mouth down to chin.
Accessories: Dog tag necklace

Personality Luke Zepel, also prefered to be called as Za is a duty bound individual. Though he might always put duty first, he will always make an exception for friends. He loves the Mafia and supports everything it does. That is why he is always trying to make his Boss, Sol Songer step up to the plate and take charge. He believes that Sol will redo the Mariano family in a new light that will be a good influence. He doesn't like to be challenged for his position or threaten and will usually push the other person to snap and lash out. He'll take the hit or penalty and smirk as usually the person lashing out will get in trouble by people surrounding them. He is usually a nice guy as long as your on his good side. He also likes to flirt with girls though he is looking for a girl to settle in a long term relationship with.
Behavior: [A paragraph or so on how your character acts. Any mental diseases and such may be included.]
Positive Traits:

☆ supports the mafia
☆ is friendly to people he likes
☆ is knowledgeable about many things
☆ Smart in school
☆ strong

Negative Traits:

★ cocky
★ flirtatious with girls
★ Stubborned
★ pushes people to snap
★ supports mafia


✓ Girls
✓ Mafia
✓ Friends
✓ Pushing people to snap
✓ Dogs


✕ annoying people
✕ idiots
✕ people who think they are all that
✕ Stubborned people
✕ Cats

Fighting Style
Flame: Forest
History and Etc.

Date of Birth: May 14, 1993
Parents: Deceased
Siblings: None
History: At the age of 13 in a city known as Vancouver, BC Canada, Luke Galaza Zepel's family experienced a home invasion. The intruder had killed both of Za's parents and left Luke alive. All Za can remember remember about the intruder is that the right eye of the man was white with a hint of silver glazed over, the man also had a limp and when he stepped with the leg with the limp, it was the sound of metal hitting the ground. After a year of wondering why something like this had happened to his family, he decides he doesn't need the information anymore, and is going to go out to find his killer. After hearing this, his "Uncle Nick" (not really an uncle, just a guy who was always around) decides it is time to let Za know everything about his family. Za's family was once a World Wide Mafia Family known as the Galazas, they had pull everywhere and were very strong. After interfering with too many affairs, the Galaza family was wiped out by both their enemies and their friends. Most were killed, and very few were in hiding, Za's family was the final one remaining. Uncle Nick also informed that also they were wiped out, that the parents had left him a huge inheritance. Hearing this, Za was repulsed by the way of his family history was, he was also repulsed of the fact that his uncle had expected him to use the stained money of his ancestors. Za asked Nick for any information about the man who killed his parents since Nick seemed to know more about what was going on more than him and found out that "The White-Eyed Man" had gone down to the states, Romance in Arkansas to be specific. Being 14 and declaring that he is going to have nothing of what his family has left behind (including the money), Za had a hard time getting down there, taking buses, hitching rides, and walking. Though it was on this walk, that Za came by this puppy, a new German Shepard that was alone in the world and was walking on the highway, Za rescued the dog, and named it Rebel since after the rescue, Rebel stuck by his side ever since. It was another mouth to feed, but Za was glad of the company.

After finally arriving in Romanace AR, Za realized he has a problem, he didn't know anything of Romance. He started to ask people if they had seen the "White-eye man" but no one seemed to know anything. He also faced another problem how was he going to survive, on the road, he had money that he had earned on his own, but all that remained was $50 and that wasn't going to feed him, rebel and put a roof over their heads. Since it was warm enough night, he decided that food was more important, and bought themselves two roast beef sandwiches. Though, before they could start eating, they were mugged, of course he and Rebel fought back, but they weren't nothing to this group of 20 year olds, the lost their sandwiches, money and gained a few bruises and a black eye. Also, to put even more a damper on things, the weather turned bad. Through this unforunate events, Za picked up some skills that will help him survive from here on out. He learned how to steal food from large stores, and that basement windows are usually left unlocked so if they wanted a roof over their heads for free, all it required was some walking and some luck they could find a place. They also learned that pick-pocketing isn't as easy as they saw on TV, but that allowed him to learn how to escape when he needs to (parkour/free running I'm talking about.)

After a week going by, requesting information from locals, the people started to notice that he was not in school and became suspicious of him. Without wanting to attract un-wanted attention, he enrolled himself into a local school where he learned during the day. He didn't mind, it allowed him to take a break and relax for a bit, and at the end of class, Rebel was always still there waiting for him. After a month going by, and being near losing all hope that he will get a lead on the "white-eye man", he came across a lead, a local recomended that he go talk to a local bartender who was really more than just a bartender, Za watched him for a few days and then ambushed him, he wasn't going to take chances with the man that might be related to his parents deaths. After some convincing, he learnt that the White-eye man was in town, but had left 6 days ago to Montreal, Quebec (canada). The convincing was actually accidental how it worked, Za had taken a knife from the bartender, and was cutting him in order to get him to talk, but the bartender had him pegged as someone who wouldn't kill, and he could deal with some pain, it wasn't until Za performed a few cuts too deep and getting mighty close to cutting an artery that the Bartender was scared enough to talk. And so this began Za's lifestyle of the Traveling student. He started making connections with certain people, people who were connected to the Underworld of the Mafia, building up his on network of information so that he might get any news on the white-eye man as soon as he could. Though once he turned to the age of 15 he was recruited into the Mariano family with open arms and he has decided to join, since then he has been a loyal member learning as much as he could about Mafia all around the area.

RP Sample:Za walked down the dark alley, chills ran down his spine, something wasn't feeling right, it was your usual dark alley though, garbage, dumpsters, furniture, doorways, plants in windows, weeds growing through cracks in the pavements. He had recieved a tip yesterday that he might find news of the White-eye man if he headed down this alley-way. He had left Rebel in the truck he had 'borrowed' to get across to here, right now he is both glad he had and wishes he hadn't Rebel was always someone he wanted alongside him in a fight but not someone he wanted to see in danger. He pulled out his whip and continued walking, the feeling of uneasiness increasing as he went deeper into the alley, it had started to go down some stairs and he could see stray animals hiding from him, his senses were alert, he was waiting for anything to happen and was prepared to act accordingly.

He felt it!

Quickly, he dove to one side just in time to avoid the bullet that was aimed for the square of his back. Two more shots and he ran towards a nearby dumpster, stopping suddenly, he turned to the one doing the shot, there were 3 guys, one with a pistol, one with a sword and one with a baseball bat. "Get rid of the dangerous weapon first" he thought to himself, in the distance he could hear Rebel barking. Before his attackers could react to him stopping, he smirked as he pulled back his whip and aimed for the gun. Success, the whip wrapped around the gun, the small concussion blast damaging it a little, bit, not that it would matter it will be out of his hands soon. He pulled back and sent the gun flying through the air, he pressed the button on the handle of the whip and sliced it up mid-air. These guys were small time fighters, but as his friend Kasper said a while back, they no longer have the luxury of holding back in a fight.

The other two were unfaltered by this and charged in towards him, trying to flank him as the third took him head on with a knife he had on him. Za took a crack at the one with the baseball since he wasn't guarding himself and landed a blow on the face, not enough to take him down, but enough to put a cut and fracture his cheek bones. The swordsmen took a swing from his upper right to lower left, Za saw his intent easily and ducked under it landing a kick right below the man's ribcage. He then pressed the button on his whip again and grabbed the thong and fall of the whip, bringing it up to catch the man with the knife wrists, twisting he flipped the man over causing him to land on his back and dropped a knee to his shoulder hard enough to hear a crunch and a yell escaped from the man before his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

As he was standing up he felt it again, the killing intent, that is what he has been feeling all these times, he finally has it figured out. He rolls over the body he just dropped to avoid the oncoming attack, leaving his tangled whip on the ground and pulling his knife out, spinning on his knees to stop the next blow from the swordsman, he had angered the swordsman with his kick and he is starting to attack irrationally, making him both more dangerous but more open to a counter-attack. There it is! He went for it, but as he did, the bat came out of no where, coming down onto his hand forcing him to drop his knife.

Retreat, he was unarmed against two very angry people right now and he needed some time to come up with a strategy, they weren't going to let him, they weren't as small time as he originally thought, they were holding back on him. They weren't letting him have time to think he had to deflect or dodge the incoming blows, slowly becoming overwhelmed, there were highly trained in combat and his cockiness let them get the best of him, he couldn't dodge or deflect all the blows, he was getting hit by some, the ones he could control he made them graze him. Though more and more started to get him, he was going to lose this fight unless something happened in his favour. Which something did.

In the past, he has had incidents where he would be in a losing battle, but there would be a green flash and the battle would be tipped in his favor, he wasn't sure what happened, just grateful that something did happen. This time though, he saw what happened and could control it a bit. He looked down at his hand, the ring given to him by Sora was glowing and the plants from the cracks and windowsills started coming towards him, the stems of the flowers connecting together while the leafs and petals started to swarm the two opponents where they started to scream in pain instantly. He grasp the whip made from the stems of plants and roots around and did a practice whip, it worked beautifully, this time he aimed it towards the two swarms of leaves and petals, when he attacked, they spread apart for him to have a clear shot at his opponents, with one strike, he got them both, they were already riddled with tiny gashes but the one with the whip went deeper and longer than the others. After that attack both fell unconscious.

Za fell to his knees, coughing, the plants had stopped acting weirdly and fell to the ground. "What is this, is this the flames of the forest I heard whispers about, is that why I'm the guardian of the forest?" Za said outloud to himself not really for anyone to hear. Za leans back, looking at the clouds "and what is this unease feeling I'm still feeling?"

Starting Location: Japan

♦And with this, we welcome you to Hitmans Destiny♦

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Luke Zepel

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