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 Lee Grandios

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PostSubject: Lee Grandios   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:28 pm

♦Lee Grandios♦

"You Call Me A Dog But I Still Sit At The Top."

Basic Info
First Name: Lee
Middle Name: Takamoto
Last Name: Grandios
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Nationality: America
Job/Occupation: Assassin/ Butler/ Slave

Visual Appearance

Hair: Somewhat wavy brown hair, with a wild strand.
Eyes: Violet
Clothing: He wears a pair of black rimmed rectangular glasses. He dons a black jacket that is worn over a white button up dress shirt and with a white jabot. He wears black pants that is the same color as the jacket he wears.
Skin: [Refer to Picture above]
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 157 lbs
Blood Type: O+
Distinctive Features: He also has a mole on his face that is just below the left side of his mouth.
Accessories: A solid gold pin is placed finely on his jacket that seems to be worth a small fortune. A purple hued gem rests to hold the jabot. It is said to be Jadeite but to this day, no one has been able to get a good look at it.

Behavior: Lee has proven to be gullible at times, Lee also operates on a moral ethic known as the "Assassin's Logic" and has a strong sense of justice in his own mind. He has also shown to be very chivalrous when it comes too Grandios family and there associates. Lee also has a tendency to not use lethal force in battle against one on one opponents with few on-lookers watching, especially if he can win without doing so. Instead, he will simply incapacitate his opponent and humiliate them after the battle is won.
Positive Traits:

☆ point one: Obedient
☆ point two: Very Gentleman-like toward higher placed family members in the Grandios
☆ point three: Good at house hold chores
☆ point four: Works well with chains
☆ point five: Willing to die for his Boss

Negative Traits:

★ point one: Cocky toward other families; Disrespectful
★ point two: Prone to many emotional changes
★ point three: Very anti-social toward the majority of people
★ point four: Very arrogant and singleminded most of the time
★ point five: Willing to die for his Boss


✓ point 1: Being praised or complemented for the things he does
✓ point 2: Getting free things given to him
✓ point 3: Relaxation and peace
✓ point 4: Cleaning/Training with his whip sword
✓ point 5: People admiring him


✕ point 1: Enemies to the Grandios
✕ point 2: When his 'Me' time is interrupted
✕ point 3: Being touched without permission
✕ point 4: Having things taken from him that he was still using/looking at/need
✕ point 5: Failing in killing someone he was trying too/supposed too

Fighting Style
Flame: Cloud
Special Ability: Whip Collection = Lee can take the disconnected or broken segments of his sword and levitate them into the air, allowing him to execute a omnidirectional attack. After the attack is done, he can't re-collect his sword just yet and is left defenseless in terms of weaponry and can only fight with his body and the handle of his sword till the energy returns to being the sword back together.
Weapon and Description:
Both long and short range = Lee has a unique fighting style that utilizes both short and long range attacks thanks to his whip sword. He is also is also known to switch stances along with his sword's length whether it can be coiled, whip, or a sword state. His Swords segments grow in number almost without limit. The segments are connected by a stretchable thread-like material, making the sword more useful as a whip than an actual sword, though it can serve as a regular sword just as easily
Assassination skills = Being part of the Grandios family makes Lee's ability to strike silently and without warning a must have and one that he takes pride in being able to do as well as he can
Ruthlessness = Lee does not care for age, gender, or what is fair. He takes his orders to heart and will not think twice in killing innocent people in order to lure out or get too his target
X Mastery of the Whip Sword = Lee has stated that his sword is an extension of his body both his arms and legs and to that point he has used it in a variety of ways. He can use its extension ability to attack an opponent from behind or either the left or right without giving away the variation of his attack until it is too late. He has shown considerable skill in using his extension capabilities to entrap an opponent by surrounding him from various angles and then retracting in order to crush the opponent

Over Confidence = Being an assassin of the Grandios, Lee is more than sure of his abilities to kill and it comes second nature to him. But because of this, he doesn't know his own limits in most situations and exaggerates his own abilities
Pride = Lee does not know when he is beat when he is told a mission. He will fight and fight and keep fighting till either he is ordered otherwise or he physically can't and this has lead to his downfall on more than one occasion
Lack of Friendship Skills = Lee isn't the kind of person to go out and look for friends. He doesn't even know what to do when he is talked too by anyone he doesn't know. He tends to just steer clear of most situations where he has to interact with people he doesn't know and just sticks to things and the few people he does
X A Follower but Leader = Lee knows his place and this is something that he has accepted so when he is given an order he follows it. But at the same time, he thinks that he is still higher than the others around him and will not hesitate to give orders himself which comes in conflict with previous orders they were given or trying to show he is higher than his Grandios brethren

History and Etc.

Date of Birth: April 7
Parents: Philip de León, Isabella Barentain
Siblings: N/A
History: Lee remembers little of his actual parents before the family took him in. He would often wonder what it was that drove them to leave a baby out in the cold for any passerby to take. But the more he grew close to the Grandios and what they meant, the more that was pushed out of his head until he simply didn't care about it anymore. They were the one's that lost there child and he was going to make them regret it by being something that no one else could possibly imagine. He strives to get better and better, the hate being a last resort when he reached his supposed limit.

When he finally got his sword he trained more and more so, more out of enjoyment even with the backlashes from not having the knowledge of the weapon from the start. He started to get used to the motions and the flow bit by bit till it was second nature to him. He was called slave more than once and for the longest time he never knew what the word meant and even when he did, it was nothing bad too him. He didn't care for being used by someone else so long as that meant he was useful and doing something with his life.

He did find out whom his real parents names were but to this day, he has never once gone looking for them nor would he ever take the time to do so. He enjoys his life as it is, being used but still being better than others in his own mind and he would not want to ruin such a thing with the petty whim of finding memories long dead to him.
RP Sample:
Starting Location: Namimori??

♦And with this, we welcome you to Hitmans Destiny♦

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Lee Grandios

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