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 Alice Amsel

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PostSubject: Alice Amsel   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:28 pm


The Silent Angel

Basic Info
First Name: Alice
Middle Name: Marie
Last Name: Amsel
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Nationality: German and British
Job/Occupation: Assassin

Visual Appearance
Hair: Lavender and long, reaching down past her hips.
Eyes: Lavender
Clothing: Usually Casual
Skin: Fair
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125 lbs
Blood Type: A-
Distinctive Features: A simple pair of black glasses
Accessories: N/A

Behavior: Alice isn’t normally one for words and thus will often remain silent, only speaking if it is required of her. When she does speak her words are quiet and respectful to the person she is addressing. If faced with a disrespectful person her attitude is perceived as even colder than her usual silence, almost intimidating to the person she is facing. Normally, Alice is fairly shy to people outside the family and will avoid eye contact with most anyone as a result. She is also known to be easily embarrassed by any compliments she receives.

Positive Traits:
☆ Cares for those she likes in her own way
☆ Loyal
☆ Respectful
☆ Doesn’t get angry easily
☆ Obedient to orders

Negative Traits:
★ Very quiet
★ Often mistaken for being a cold person or a snob
★ Easily embarrassed
★ Avoids making eye contact
★ Rarely smiles

✓ Assassinations
✓ Romance Novels
✓ the Grandios Family
✓ Cats
✓ People-watching

✕ Rudeness
✕ Enemies to the Grandios
✕ Snakes, Spiders and insects
✕ Obnoxiousness
✕ People who interrupt her reading

Fighting Style
Flame: Rain
Special Ability: None at this time.
Weapon and Description: Alice wields a set of two sharp, large steel nails that are each connected to their own long chain. At the opposite end of each chain is a large ring, which can be held when using the nail for long-range attacking. Usually she will only use one, but feels it's useful to have a spare just in case.

✕Able to use both ranged and close-combat due to her weapon

✕Lower Defense
✕Being overly complimented

History and Etc.
Date of Birth: September 25
Parents: Rosalyn Amsel; Bertram Amsel (deceased)
Siblings: Johann Amsel, 12
Alice was born in London, England but has lived much of her life since in Berlin due to her father’s work. It was secret from her mother however that his true line of work was that of a hitman, performing the dangerous task of dispatching any enemies to his boss. When she turned six years old, Alice was first secretly taken aside by Bertram for training, in order for her to one day serve the Grandios as well. Even when he worked the young girl would take enjoyment in her training, honing skills that would lead her to her present-day abilities. Though she had a little brother by that time, he was not exposed to the secret that was kept from their mother as well and thus only Alice was privy to her father’s story of his rather dangerous exploits.

It was for ten years that Alice’s secret training continued to take place and she eventually became familiar with other members of the Grandios Family as well. However, it was shortly after Alice had turned sixteen that her father didn’t return from a mission, having been killed in his job. Only then did Rosalyn and little brother learn of his real line of work through Alice, when she stated that she would join the Grandios to continue the work that Bertram had done. Perhaps mad that for so long they had kept such a thing from her and that her only daughter would then go into the same work, Rosalyn cut all ties to Alice and took her brother back to England with her. This left Alice behind, which allowed the Grandios Family to take her in as one of their own, where she remains and does work for them today.

RP Sample:
It was late night. The sun had set hours ago and the streets were nearly deserted. A perfect time in which to carry out her work, she figured. Alice usually preferred to work at night since the darkness gave the perfect cover. However, it was casually that the girl stood now, her back leaning against the wall of a tavern, where she had trailed her target to as the sun set. Knowing he hadn’t noticed her she waited for him to make his exit. Sure enough as closing time neared he left the building and began to walk down the street alone, likely headed for his home.

Soon the girl began to follow him, meters behind to not raise suspicion. Alice kept her footsteps light as she walked. Though he was drunk, as evidenced by the stagger it would do no good for him to discover her here. Assassinations were meant to be done quickly and efficiently, after all. As the slow pace continued she soon reached behind her back, unhooking her weapon from her belt. Though the chains jangled slightly the man showed no response. Once she had the weapon in her hands she uncoiled the chain slowly so that she would have a good length to work with. When she was satisfied the girl drew closer to the man before stopping and launching the nail at the end at the man. As it reached him, the weapon grazed his arm and hit the ground in front of him.

“Missed somehow,” Alice said simply as she tugged on the length of the chain, catching the nail once it was within her reach. By now her target had to have noticed her. Sure enough, he turned around to find the girl standing there, holding the weapon as she prepared her next move. And, like many targets, his response was to run.

Without a second thought Alice gave chase, as she had to complete the job if she were to ever return to the Family successfully. As she ran she still kept her weapon at the ready in order to take advantage of any moment given to her. She held her weapon by its chain, spinning the nailed end while running. Soon, Alice’s target had turned a corner and headed right into a fenced off alleyway, nearly losing his footing in the process. Calmly she stood at the end of it, walking toward him as he backed toward the fence. She was still spinning her strange weapon that he now gazed at in fear, still sober enough to process such things.

When she was close enough, Alice maneuvered her left arm forward as she shot the nail forth again. The target didn’t even put up a fight let alone call out as it pierced into his chest, killing him almost instantly. Approaching him she yanked the nail out and his body fell forward. In no rush, Alice then took to cleaning the blood off of her weapon with a handkerchief. Avoiding the blood that was starting to pool on the ground she took out a pair of gloves and began to check through his pockets for his wallet, pulling it out to verify the target’s identity.

“Target destroyed. Perfect.” Taking his ID out from the wallet, Alice placed it into her pocket with the gloves and walked away, knowing to vacate the area before anyone found the corpse.

Starting Location: Namimori? (I think...if not, Berlin)

♦ And with this, we welcome you to Hitmans Destiny ♦

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Alice Amsel

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