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 Rouge Maline

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PostSubject: Rouge Maline   Thu Jun 14, 2012 10:24 pm

♦Rouge Augustine Malin♦

Get on the floor just let it drop. Don’t it feel good? Don’t it feel Hot?
Feel the fire within.

The Sea knows no bounds.
The Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation.
The Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away.
Basic Info
First Name: Rouge
Middle Name: Augustine
Last Name: Maline
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Nationality: French
Job/Occupation: Archobelo

Visual Appearance
Toddler Apperance:
Normal Form:

Hair: Spiky Red
Eyes: Red
Clothing: In Toddler form, is shown above. In adult form normal people wear or formal stuff.

Skin: Picture above
Height: Average Archobelo Height. Adult form is 6 foot
Weight: Average Archobelo Weight. Adult form 146.7 lps
Blood Type: A+
Distinctive Features: N/A
Accessories: A red Tail that he tends to wear all the time

Rouge is a very loud fun person. He’s very rash and a easy target to pick on. He’s very gullible when it comes to small things. He’s often destructive when he finds something he wants and cant get it so he climbs things to get it. Rouge likes his fox tail so he wears it where ever he goes. Rouge is a deadly serious fighter when it comes down to it.

Positive Traits:

☆ Fun
☆ Easy Going
☆ Serious Fighter
☆ Happy
☆ Skill Full

Negative Traits:

★ Destructive
★ Somewhat Gullible
★ Easy Teasing Target
★ Loud
★ Childish


✓ Cookies
✓ Animals
✓ Foxes
✓ Storms
✓ People


✕ Vegetables
✕ Being Bored
✕ Being Trapped
✕ Getting Yelled At
✕ Being Called a Furry

Fighting Style
Flame: Storm
Special Ability: Rouge has the ability to see in the dark like most animals can. He also have a high speed rate and his body is natural stronger and animal like than most humans. His sense of smell is higher aswell but its also a downside.
Weapon and Description:
Rouge has no real weapons besides his body. He is well known to be an animal in battle. He often is animal like in battle and uses instincts to attack. He attacks pressure points and main deadly places in the body. He fights like an animal, merciless and to the death. But he doesn’t just go into a random fighting styles, he knows many, hes the highest degree black belt in all animal styles and knows how to use hidden blades. Rouge is still traveling to learn some martial arts that he could have missed and hes often seen around animals because he can learn a lot about their fighting style and he just likes being around them and away from technology.

✕ Martial Artist.
✕ Is an all out battler
✕ Knows a lot of martial arts and other fighting styles.

✕ Fights to the Death
✕ Merciless
✕ Vision of right and wrong becomes clouded

Animal Partner
Name: Trancy
Personality: Quiet and innocent. Can reflect Rouge a lot. Shes Rouges source of transportation.
Flame: Storm
Family: Not in one

Needle Fur: Her fur on her tail can stand up and become sharp like a razor blade. These are encased in storm flames.
- Only on the tail.
Transformation: She can transform into almost anything but mostly stays a fox. She can transform into a human but it resembles her and she still has her tail and ears.
- Can only speak fox.
Storm Yawn: When yawning she can send a large wave of near invisible storm flames that can nearly kill someone if they wernt careful.
- Hurts everyone except her and Rouge
Creation: Wene she sheds a lot of fur at the same time it can create a item (much like Reborns lizard) After that she has no energy for awhile to even move.
-No energy for awhile, cant do anything.

History and Etc.

Date of Birth: Sept 21
Parents: Doenst matter
Siblings: Doesn’t matter

Rouge was born in a small town in france. He wasn’t much of a normal child, although he was always happy he wasn’t really. He preferred to be around animals which hi parents didn’t allow. Rouge was also an abused kid. He had enough, one day and beat his parents back before leaving. On his leave he stopped and learned martial arts. He stayed with his masters before leaving them to go learn another style somewhere else. On his travels he was attacked here and their but he won and beat a lot of crimals. He became known as wild boy but the police were constantly after him because he killed who ever attacked him. After awhile he had a meeting with 7 others called the archobelos. He was the storm. Soon after that they went into a ceremony and became toddlers. |Rouge found it hard to do things but managed after he retrieved his pet. Rouge once he found out about the newest one he went right away to the new sky archobelo and greeted him and all that fun stuff. He was very protective of Sora seeing as he was young and Rouge didn’t want what happened to him to happen to Sora. He does travel from place to place to understand the nature of animals and how they fight but he keeps in close contact with Sora.

RP Sample:
Starting Location: Were ever arcobalenos start.

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Rouge Maline

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