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 Flame of Wrath

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Flame of Wrath Empty
PostSubject: Flame of Wrath   Flame of Wrath EmptyWed Jun 13, 2012 1:03 pm

The Flame of Wrath (忿怒の炎, Fundo no Honoo, Viz: Flame of Rage) is an extremely powerful and exceedingly rare type of flame. It is said that among the Vongola Bosses, the only one who fought with bare hands was the Vongola Secondo because of this Flame.

The special characteristic of this Flame is its extreme destructive power which can reduce anything to ashes. Also, this Flame was seen only when the 2nd Vongola boss was enraged; thus, it earned the title "Flame of Wrath" to support this theory.
Unlike the regular Dying Will Flame, there is no need to use a Ring to ignite the flame. The Future Arc hints that the Flame of Wrath contains Storm Flames, as when Xanxus inserted it into his Box Weapon with the Sky Flames from his Varia Ring, a weapon that possessed the Sky Flame's Harmony characteristic and the Storm Flame's Disintegration characteristic came out.

Color: Orange with darker orange stripes within
Characteristic: Disintegration / Harmony
Ability: Destroying
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Flame of Wrath

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