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 The Gem Plot

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PostSubject: The Gem Plot   The Gem Plot EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 5:23 pm

The Gem of the World is a special jewel only known to the World of Mafia. Holding a secret power to all flames of Sky and Earth. Over countless decades Families and even schools who specialize in training young Mafia students have fought for the ownership of the Jewel causing countless wars and deaths. For the last 10 years the Gem has been safely and secretly kept in Shibuya. More specifically Academy of Snow. A school set up by one of the few snow flame users. The school has trained many of the top Family leaders and assassins.

Though the CEDEF has realized that some families have found the location of the Gem and soon will attack to get it. Realizing this, they have secretly transferred the Gem from the Academy to a non-mafia zone. Namimori Middle School that holds few novice flame users and many secret staff members. And even some families.

The Academy finding out about the secret move of the Gem has discovered this fact and will fight to get the Gem back to its place. Though Namimori is a non-mafia zone they find this attack as a threat. And so the war will begin. Namimori a small mafia group vs. Academy of Snow.

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The Gem Plot

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