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 Ring Ranking System

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Ring Ranking System Empty
PostSubject: Ring Ranking System   Ring Ranking System EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 5:15 pm

*Thanks to Kurogane*

Rings are mysterious items with the power to convert the Wave Energy that flows inside the human body into Dying Will Flames. The process behind this conversion is obscure in details, but it has been said that an individual's resolve plays a major role in determining its success and efficiency. Though many Rings were treated as treasures inside the Mafia Families and passed down as inheritances throughout the generations, the truth about their powers remained a secret known only by a few circles for a long time. The Flames of the Rings are a central element in the battle methodology of the Future, since they are used as power source for the Box Weapons.

Just like the Waves and Box Weapons, the Rings too are classified accordingly to the Seven Flames of the Sky. Also just like the Box Weapons, the Rings are further categorized into a ranking system that ranges from E-rank (lowest) to A-rank (highest). This ranking implies many things, but above all it seems to establish the maximum output of the Rings and its effectiveness as a power source for the Box Weapons. As exemplified by the case of Future Hibari, weak Rings cannot withstand converting strong Flames without breaking. It also seems that the purity of the converted Flames is somewhat influenced by the rank of the Ring. Incidentally, the Vongola Rings, Mare Rings and Arcobaleno Pacifiers that belong to the Tri-ni-set are considered to be on a class of their own, being notably classified as Over Rank-A.

D-Rank: Flames at this level are barely able to manifest their characteristic. Sky Flames are propulsion, Rain Flames are no better than water, Storm Flames burn slightly more, Lightning Flames are basically electricity, Cloud Flames slowly propagate, Sun Flames slowly activate, Mist Flames are little better than a normal illusion

C-Rank: Flames at this level are able to be used offensively, as are better able to manifest their characteristic. Sky Flames are burn hotter and hit hard, Rain Flames are able to calm the body and mind, Storm Flames are able to degenerate weapons and items, Lightning Flames are able to harden things to be like regular steel, Cloud Flames propagate mass and size, Sun Flames activate bodily functions and items, Mist Flames are on the level of a basic real illusion, made of mass or form.

B-Rank: Flames at this level are able to fully realize their characteristic, but are still unable to use their stronger properties. Sky Flames are able to harmonize with other flames, enough to be able to petrify other abilities and flames, Rain Flames are able to calm other flames, and even slow illusions and attacks dramatically, Storm Flames are able to degenerate people and other objects, allowing them to burn for longer and degenerate virtually anything, Lightning Flames are able to harden things to be like extreme hard, allowing you to pierce or defend against any normal weaponry or objects easily, Cloud Flames propagate on the level of multiplication and division in the presence of flame, Sun Flames activate healing abilities and over-activate the body, Mist Flames are real in every sense, and can harm and touch other people.

A-Rank: Flames at this level have maximized their characteristic, allowing them to to use advanced abilities and skills. Sky Flames can harmonize through any defense and nullify any attack, Rain Flames are able to calm abilities and weapons to the point they are paralyzed, Storm Flames are able to degenerate abilities and weapons as almost instantly, breaking any defense and heavily damaging enemies, Lightning Flames are able to harden things to be unbreakable, or attack with the abilities to shred even strengthened materials, Cloud Flames propagate malignantly, able to multiply at impossibly fast speeds, Sun Flames activate people with the ability to work far beyond human capability, Mist Flames are indistinguishable from reality, and are almost impossible to detect even if the user was examining the illusion directly

Above A-Rank is pretty obvious, since its what the Vongola and Funeral Wreaths do

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Ring Ranking System

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