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 Mission Ranking

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Cesarino Familia
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Mission Ranking Empty
PostSubject: Mission Ranking   Mission Ranking EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 4:54 pm

This is how all missions on this forum will be judged:

F -This level is the absolute lowest of the low, only for those down on their luck or with no reputation. Missions of this sort include delivering a package, scaring some no-name into paying off a debt, or helping a little old lady across the street. Missions like these give little to stat points, reputation points, or volts, but everyone has to start somewhere.

D - Congratulations! You don't suck anymore! You are now able to participate in low level missions that would be necessary for any soldier level member of a family. Such missions include assassinations of low level politicians, providing support for a family that needs a bit more muscle, or delivering low level information across enemy lines. While still underpaid, players can receive stats, rep, or enough volts to buy themselves that shiny new weapon they've been admiring for so long.

C - This level is for the mafiosos that have proved themselves apt warriors, and thus have gained the attention of the Mafia World. Here the player may be asked to assassinate an army Captain with some decent security, told to protect a politician that had spoken out against a minor Family, or be entrusted with infiltration of an enemy base. Finally the volts and stat points begin to add up, and now you and your Family can earn Fame/Infamy points.

B - Warning! All missions of this level or greater have a very real chance of death should the player make a foolish mistake. Taking missions of this level takes some serious power, and an incredible Dying Will. Missions of this level may ask warriors to wipe out isolated military posts with little backup, or sabotage the enemy's plan without ever being detected. The enemies here are bigger and badder, and the rewards scale upwards just as well. (locked)

A - Warning! All missions of this level or greater have a very real chance of death should the player make a foolish mistake. Very few can even attempt a mission of this level, as anything other than a minor mistake can spell death.
'A' ranked missions may bring entire Families into play if necessary. These missions could range from a death trial between two powerful Families (such as Vongola and Simon), to asking a hitman to assassinate the general of a powerful military with nothing but intel, to singlehandedly warding off an enemy Family for a set period of time. The power and Dying Will necessary to accomplish such a mission guarantees rewards for the player. (locked)

S - Lethal. That is the best way to describe this level of mission, and the power level of the reapers who dare to take them on. Nothing less than perfection may guarantee the success of a mission, as the participant may be required to single-handedly wipe out an entire Family, or protect a weak Family from being ground into the dust by a coalition of others. Many of these missions recommend taking along friends who can fight, for every extra ounce of power is an absolute neccessity at this level. (locked)

Finally, for those of you who want to be exact, use +/- to specify the level of difficulty. - Means the mission is easier than those of its type, while + means it is more difficult. So an F- ranked mission could be completed by a blind, one legged hobo, while the first generation Vongola Family would have difficulty with S+.

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Mission Ranking

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