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 Skylar Ratosk

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PostSubject: Skylar Ratosk   Skylar Ratosk EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 3:19 am

Skylar Ratosk Ratatosk2_by_Me_chiiSkylar Ratosk Couple_of_a_life_time_by_Me_chiiSkylar Ratosk Tales_of_symphonia_2_icon_by_me_chii-d32kjyf
♦Ratosk , Skylar♦
♦Knight of the Arcobaleno♦

The Sea knows no bounds.
The Clam passes down its form from Generation to Generation.
The Rainbow appears from time to time before fading away.

♦Basic Information:
Name: Skylar Ratosk
Nickname: Sky
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Job / Occupation: Traveler, Child - Arcobaleno [Hitman]
Member Agreement: I, Daniel Oswell, agree to follow the rules and regulations of Fairy Tail Forever. Should a problem come up with my profile, or future grading, I will work with the FTF staff to get it fixed, as it will provide a more fair role playing environment in the end.

♦Visual Appearance:
Physique: 40cm (Arcobaleno), 3.7kg (Arcobaleno)
Nationality: Italian
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Blonde
Skin Color: Tanned
Blood Type: AB-
Clothing: What Do You Wear?
Distinctive Features: Has a scar on his back, unknown to others that aren't arcobaleno
Accessories: Has a long, black scarf that trails off behind him

♦Character Personality:
Behavior: He has a cheerful demeanor, and is always on hand to offer support, encouragement and guidance to his friends. He has a Complex personality at times he is humorous, laidback and relaxed but sometimes he is cold and bitter. He has a more serious side to him, whenever the curse of the arcobaleno is involved. He is very intelligent and strategic when it comes to battling, working out tactics that would be most effective and is very knowledgable about facts and history. Due to his age however, he can act somewhat immature, but loves all the other arcobaleno.
Positive Traits:
☆Open to Anything
☆Things Like Popular Don't Go Here
☆Determined and Calm Can Go Here

Negative Traits:
★Keeps to Himself
★Bad Luck
★Thinks poorly of himself
★Things Like Ugly Don't Go Here
★Stubborn and Blunt Can Go Here

✓ Likes Friends
✓ Loves Animals
✓ Loves to Read
✓ Your Personality Traits Don't Go Here
✓ Apples and/or Adventures Can Go Here

✕ Arcobaleno Curse
✕ Tri-ni-sette Waves
✕ Enemies
✕Your Personality Traits Don't Go Here
✕Apples and/or Adventures Can Go Here

♦Your Fighting Style:
Flame: Sky
Weapon: N/A
Fighting Style: N/A
Special Ability: Arcobaleno Pacifier
The Sky Pacifier has the ability to see into the future. The other power is the ability to reconstruct their fellow Arcobaleno if they die, however this ability requires them to draw power from their Life Flame. One drawback of this incredible powers is that the Sky Arcobaleno are known for experiencing a short lifespan, that has so far shown to get shorter and shorter with each generation. However, this may be entirely dependant on the situation they find themselves in.
✕ skills
✕ arcobaleno
✕ soft nature

✕ Things You Are Good At Go Here ^^^
[At Least 5]

✕ Lets things get to him easily
✕ Sometimes the Mafia
✕ Tuna

✕ Things You Are Bad At Go Here ^^^
[At Least 5]

♦Your Animal Partner:
Name: Tenebrae [Nicknamed: Tennie]
Personality: Tennie has an almost identical personality to Skylar. Being the only animal partner of the arcobaleno who has gained the ability of speech. Tenebrae acts as a mentor for Skylar at times. He is a witty character and adds a lot of comedy and information. enebrae is also very conservative, as he dislikes being called "Tenebie” and gets angry if any of the arcobaleno, or the arcobaleno curse is disrespected.
Ability Downside: Whenever Skylar is weakened, Tennie feels this as well. His transformation is weaker and it's hard to keep it maintained.
Flame: Sky
Family: Unknown

♦Your Techniques:
Name: Tenebrae
Description: A shape shifting panther and Skylar's main Weapon, it is also his partner. Though not seen always in battle, he is so strong that he can handle almost any Guardians without any trouble.
Flame: Sky
Downside(s): Whenever Skylar is weakened, Tennie feels this as well. His transformation is weaker and it's hard to keep it maintained.

Name: Tri-Ni-Sette
Description: Skylar has the ability to unlock the powers of the Tri-Ni-Sette
Flame: Sky
Downside(s): His life is shortened thanks to this ability.

Name: Reconstruction
Description: The power to revive or reconstruct his fellow Arcobaleno who have died.
Flame: N/A
Downside(s): The ability is only temporary due to Skylars small size.

♦Your History, Etc.:
Date of Birth: Unknown
Parents: N/A
Siblings: N/A
Your Story: Due to his age, not much is known about him other than that he was forced into the curse at a young age. He became the Arcobaleno of the Sky due to this, and has gone into hiding. None of the other arcobaleno knows where he is currently at.
RP Sample: Sora took a seat, which happened to be next to Rouge.
"What does this place serve uncle?" he asked softly. His orange eyes glistened due to the light from the lamps in the room.

Sora looked confused, but yet he wasn't. He was deep in thought, trying to think of what food he was going to get. Rachel suggested vegetables but what he wanted was some spinach pizza. Wait, thats a vegetable on a pizza, so I'll order that.

"I would like some spinach pizza please" He said softly. He blushed as he wasn't used to talking out of nowhere.

Sora blinked as he heard the fighting and then the calming down. He pressed his hands against his pacifier as it started to glow. A wave of harmony filled the room, making it feel more at peace than it was currently.
"Please stop this fighting" He said.

Sora lowered his head.
"Sorry" He said. He didn't think about using his powers, but he wanted his friends to be calm and nice to each other. He felt like he was going to cry, he layed his head on the table and soon, he fell asleep. His body lowered down onto the floor as he got into a small fedle position.
Starting Location: Namimori

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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Skylar Ratosk

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