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 Training in Yokohama

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H. J. Elliot

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Training in Yokohama Empty
PostSubject: Training in Yokohama   Training in Yokohama EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 1:57 am

"Mr. Jameson, is this really necessary?"

Beginning his training in the Japanese base at Yokohama, H. J. was put into training the second his injuries healed. With the help of the Stella Polare's famous doctor, Dr. Katou, all 7 guardians were healed in the span of a single day, cured of their injuries through some miraculous healing ability that Katou used on them. With only a brief flash of light, H. J. could feel the fatigue and pain leave his body as if he never been hurt in the first place. This new world was a strange place, but H. J. planned on learning more about after his obvious defeat by the Teretti.

In their early start on training, H. J. and Zachary were the two that were pressed together, both of them lacking standard battle techniques and the physical capacity to fight equally with the other guardians, they were to be taught how to fight by the incredibly strong and experienced master of the Tuscano Vecchio, Jameson. The butler was not a very serious man, but as their training began, H. J. realized that they would be treated more like slaves than the valuable members of the Stella Polare. The two were tied by their ankles, held several feet in the air above a pool of water. Their first goal was to not touch the water, for even a second, but also find your way out of the ropes and make it across the pool.

" Yes sir it is. Increasing your physical capability and dexterity are the basic foundations of close combat"

For an illusionist, versed only in strategy and otherworldly powers of deception, training himself in physical combat seemed like a waste of time, but if he was ever going to be able to fight back in the future, he would need to learn how to at least defend himself like the other mafioso.

"So with some physical training, I wont get knocked out in one punch again?"

"If you can do it"
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Training in Yokohama

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