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 Seaside Training

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PostSubject: Seaside Training   Seaside Training EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 10:36 pm

Fresh of their crushing defeat and near execution at the hands of the Teretti Guardians, Takashi had realized that while his Guardians were powerful in their own right, they were no where near the level of the previous guardians, or even the high level members of their enemies family. The only way he could see them becoming strong enough to even stand a chance against their stronger, faster, more skilled opponents was to train with everything they had and strengthen the skills that the 13th Generation guardians had already built them to use. They had the foundation for the skills they would need to learn, now they would just need to build up the power to fight back.

Separating his Guardians, He and Jameson decided that it would be easier to train the guardians in smaller groups, rather than find individual tutors for them while he called in some of the elite troops of the Stella Polare to meet them in Japan to bolster their defenses and help them through the training process. The two strongest guardians, Damien and Elliana, were allowed to train on their own somewhere in Hokkaido, where they would be able to train with each other to unlock the dying will flames. They would have the toughest survival challenge of all, to survive alone in the harsh wilderness of northern japan for a week.

Takashi was put in charge of the next strongest guardians, Sho, the rain guardian, and Natsume, the sun guardian. They each had the necessary skill to accomplish the same feats that the Storm and Cloud guardians could, but they lacked the individual technique to match them. Sho, though a swordsmen, had no knowledge of techniques or style to use in conjunction with his newly manifested rain flames. Natsume, on the other hand, had the perfect body for an ordinary boxer, but his physical attributes could not compare to the lack of skill in fighting techniques, as well as his completely inability to use sun flames. Their survival challenge was the next roughest: survive the stormy Okinawa coast-line for a week, while also mastering their new styles of fighting.

Jameson had left to train the two weakest guardians, H. J. and Zach, up to the level of hitman using training Takashi completed years ago, it was basic stuff to increase physical strength and stamina, while also learning proper fighting techniques from a master of several forms of combat. Their survival challenge would be the easiest, survive the forest outside of Yokohama for a week.

The coastline in Okinawa was abnormally harsh and windy today, fueled by the storm out at sea, the waves were uncontrollable even in the mid-afternoon sun. Taking the private jet to Okinawa, Takashi has his two guardians were dropped off, and with nothing more than their weapons, they headed for the beaches and shoals that Okinawa was known for.

"Do you both know why I brought you here?"
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Seaside Training

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