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 Zachary Taylor

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PostSubject: Zachary Taylor   Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:08 pm



Basic Info

First Name:Zachary
Last Name: Taylor
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Nationality: French
Family: Stella Polare
Job/Occupation: Fashion designer

Visual Appearance

Hair: Bleached white styled in a pompadour fashion
Eyes: Sky Blue
Clothing:Zachary tends to wear a black turtle neck with white jeans and varying (but always matching) shoes and belt. His sleeves are typically rolled up when it is too warm out.
Skin: Very light and pale.
Weight: 150lbs
Blood Type: A+
Distinctive Features: Zachary is tall and thin in line with modern sensibilities of “beauty”. He constantly keeps a proud, somewhat mechanical bearing as he silently judges everything around him.
Accessories: Wears a pair of horn-rim glasses.


Behavior: Zachary is a modern fashionista, seeking to make the next “big wave” in the world of fashion and otherwise “get noticed”. His mannerisms are akin to that of a metro-man, using words such as “honey” or “sweetie” with a faint lisp. He is a good networker but most long-term relationships with him reveal his shallow nature. In a fight, Zachary reveals is a coward, first throwing as many things at his enemy as possible (even innocent bystanders) and then running away. Still, he is not a monster and often feels terrible about doing this to people. As a result he often gives away or makes clothing for the people he has “wronged” which are sometimes estimated as upwards of a thousand dollars. Even if he is a cowardly, self serving, critical, good only out of guilt and ultimately detestable person, he…well yeah there’s no real way to come back from that… But he’s still pretty useful when he’s run out of things to throw or places to run. Like a cornered animal, he ends up lashing out with his sewing supplies and his “lightning stitch”.

Recently however he has taken up a more “humble” mode of living and seeks some bizarre atonement for his past behavior. He’s still not able to change overnight though.
Positive Traits:

☆ Honest
☆ Charitable
☆ Regretful

Negative Traits:

★ Self-centered
★ Cowardly
★ Critical


✓ Fashion
✓ Elegance
✓ Feng shui


✕ Tackiness
✕ Bullies
✕ Himself

Stitch Style
Flame: Thunder
Weapon and Description: [Be descriptive, no godmodding, and One or None.]
✕ Fast
✕ Dextrous
✕ Tactical mind
[At least 3; Even with Weaknesses]
✕ Not strong at all
✕ Cowardly
✕ Can barely take a punch
[At least 3; Even with Strengths]

Name: Lightning stitch
Description: Zachary can stitch together two pieces of clothes in the blink of an eye. This allows him to stitch sleaves together, tie shoelaces, or sew pants to a carpet. This can be cumbersome for a short period but is little more than hindrance to anyone with sufficient skills.
Flame: N/A
Downside(s): Easily countered by removing clothing/breaking stitches

History and Etc.
Date of Birth: December 16th
Your Story: He grew up the child of a single parent living on the outskirts of Colmar. A tourist trap, he and his mother worked making and selling tourist trinkets. It was a sparse but contented life. He went to school like the other children but there always were whispers by the parents and teachers about the single mother and her bastard son. To accomadate their lifestyle, his mother often had to go without well-made clothes, contenting herself instead with threadbear handmedowns. As he grew up, the boy, who would one day be known as Zach, began to notice that his mother always seemed set apart from the other mothers. In time, the child came to the conclusion that it was her clothes, that since there weren't enough people in the house, they couldn't make enough money for better clothes. Andso, he set about learning to sew and stitch her something nice. After nearly a month of pricking his fingers and slowly stitching, he had something that he thought passible. His mothers smile when she saw the dress (homestitched from numerous other garments as it was) was one of the most heartwarming experiences of his young life. Although this did not change the public opinion of them, it did make her seem happier. It was from then on that he decided that he wanted to make everyone be that happy. If all it took was a few pinpricks, then why not? His desire to create new clothes only increased with age, his mother praising his work and always seemingly happy with virtually new and better clothes in their wardrobe.

Eventually his childhood ended as such things must, and he left Colmar, hoping that his clothes and designs would be recognized in the romanticiszed fashion capitol of the world, Paris. Needless to say things were...difficult at first. For the first year or so he didn't have much of a permanent residence, boarding with other "artists" and the like and wheeling a resume of clothes around the city trying to be noticed. His story could have ended here, becoming one of the millions of people who seek greatness and glory and instead pass on into obscurity, but eventually the boy, now taking on the name "Zach" made his way into the elite, the one out of the million with the combination of hard work, determination, network and luck to be noticed.

It wasn't easy staying there however. The backstabbings, the rumors, gossip and cadiness... he loved designing but hated how materialistic and shallow the people around him were. Of course, having a conscionce is often a liability for someone in the cuthroat world of modern fashion. Ultimately, he was forced to entertain the shallowness, and all the materialism that his proffession forced on him, ultimately becoming the man he is today. So long as he was spreading joy, making people happy with his designs, bringing beauty to the world elevating the spirit, he thought he could stand it...he was wrong.

Nearly a year after his first line became available he took a trip with his manager to see the production floor in china. To Zachary however, it was horrifying. The workers engaged in fifteen hour shifts, seweing day and night for pennies. None were happy. Gone were the smiling faces he had imagined and the enlightened beauty of his art. He was fine with his own fingers being stabbed, his own eyes lacking sleep and his own back bearing the pains of straining over a work desk but not for others to bear that burden. He quit his job on the spot and has since been on a walkabout through Asia. Whatever he's trying to figure out...he still hasn't yet.

RP Sample:Larz tripped. The gutter skinning his knee and tearing his pants. “Merde” he muttered standing up, limping. This was too much for him. He was cold, wet, hungry. He hated this. He hated wandering from city to city with barely pennies to his name. His shoes were worn down paper thin. His once clean pressed clothes were wrinkled and dirty. His hopes and dreams were shattered…and yet he somehow felt that he deserved this. The bum he spoke to the other day…he’d been so despicable. Calling him a lazy drunk…well he had smelled of vodka and he was harassing him…but…he still felt it had been too cruel. Shrugging his newfound, ratty old coat up he continued on his way. So fucking terrible. And yet he could do nothing.
Starting Location: Tokyo
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PostSubject: Re: Zachary Taylor   Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:16 am

sorry for delay

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Zachary Taylor

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