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 New Illusionist Skills

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H. J. Elliot

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New Illusionist Skills Empty
PostSubject: New Illusionist Skills   New Illusionist Skills EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 7:58 pm

Name of ability: Possession Eye
Effects: A unique ability in an illusionists repetoire, they are able to impart their psyche onto a target, forcing them to comply with the illusionists wishes, and allow them to control them for a very brief amount of time and force them to perform a simple action that neither endangers their life, or endangers someone else.
Type of Flame: Mist
Advantages:Useful on civilians and other non-combatants
Disadvantages: Cannot be used on active combatants, and cannot change them in any, simply enforce one command
Requirements: Directly touch the target, look into each others eyes, and give the target one command.

Name of ability: Empty Mirage
Effects: An illusion technique that allows the user and his allies to reduce their presence in a room by subduing the senses around them, making them essentially invisible to other people.
Type of Flame: Mist
Advantages: Non Illusionists
Disadvantages: Other Illusionists
Requirements: It only works within range of the illusionist (15M's)

Name of ability: False Body
Effects: Takes a previously created Split Body Double, and switches places with the real person. When the Split Body Double is attacked, it takes the place of the illusionist as the illusionist escapes
Type of Flame: Mist
Advantages: Attackers
Disadvantages: Other Illusionists, Observant People
Requirements: Use both the Split Body Double and Empty Mirage to make it appear like the user was attacked. Can still be seen through, and can only be used once every 5 Posts
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New Illusionist Skills

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