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 Alone in the sea of Unknown

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Caelus Marvo


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PostSubject: Alone in the sea of Unknown   Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:02 pm

C A E L U S . M A R V O
Our eyes lie to us every day, so don't think you can tell who I am.

"I can trust you, but I don't want you to trust me."

Even with Caelus being such a happy person, she's changed after the Vacation trip to Rome. With her brother getting murdered, Caelus turned into her father when he was her age. She's alined herself up to be a Mechanic and learn everything about Mafia Families. This is placing not only herself, her family, or strangers in dangers, but more importantly her friends. These few friends that she might have don't have any clue about the fact she's out for vengeance and under the protection of a Mafia family in Italia. They remain unknown to her plans in life, and Caelus will do anything to make sure they stay unaware and out of danger.

  • _____ _____
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"My life is in your hands, and yours in Mine."

The Marvo Family isn't a Mafia family, but she remains loyal to her birth blood. However there is another family that's protecting the Marvo family, and thus they're protecting Caelus. Tristan has taught his daughter everything there is to know about the Mafia world and anything that they might want to get fixed, thus she's open to any family that can pay her well, and protect her family. However, recent families have their eyes on Caelus, as she's one of the few that are possible Mechanics that Mafia families can trust or anything in this world now days.

[Familia Name]

  • _____ _____
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"Promise me, Amore, that you'll stay safe?"

After her brother's death, Caelus hasn't gone out with anyone as she feels no one would live up to her brother's exceptions of protecting and loving his sister like he would expect someone too. Unlike most girlfriends, with Caelus' line of work and her personality of being a mechanic, she won't put up with anyone trying to be sexist towards her and her job. With her job also carrying possible threats from rival and dangerous towards her love, thus Caelus tells them never to get in the middle of her work or in a dangerous situation, unlike flame users, she can't save them.

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"Burn in Hell."

You've managed to her on her bad side, and you probably have the chances of her robot buddies chasing after you. Caelus doesn't tolerate people who've managed to get on her horrible and bad side. The one person that Caelus currently hates and cannot wait for him to die, hopefully by her hands, is the one that killed her brother. Caelus does not know what his familia is, or his name, but her protection familia tries to figure things out and find out more about this man in order to help Caelus.

  • Cristo's Killer.
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Alone in the sea of Unknown

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