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 Street life~

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PostSubject: Street life~   Fri Jun 29, 2012 6:09 pm

Another day, another dollar. Or at least thats what they say. It seemed to be going that way for Vashy, the girl couldn't really say she had this planned out, she was young and reckless. Or so she thought. Leaning against the alleyway, she watched as the vendors paraded around circular quey, selling their stock as people walked by. Taking no notice. "Tourists", she scoffed. It was easier preying on people here. But she hated the city, too many people. More importantly, too many people likely to find her. Police didn't exactly enjoy seeing kids with tattoos. Thats why she tried her best to hide them. There was no way to hide her familys mark though. The ashened black star, tattooed just under her left eye. It was their symbol. They where proud of it, bastards. She thought to herself. She tugged her hoody up. Preparing for this mornings chase scene.

Security hadn't been beefed up since last times little adventure. So far she had seen the same rotation of guards. Good thing about knowing the area. As soon as they where out of sight she was off, grabbing the first vendors bag, two snips and she was off. She had to pick the athletic one, no matter. She knew enough to easily weave through the crowds. Every now and then she'd feel a tug, someone trying to stop her. She hated vigilanties. They annoyed her greatly, she would simply twist from their holds. If she had to she would even slip out of her jacket. But then she needed to buy a new one. She hated having to shop. Such a pain.
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Street life~

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