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Forum remake is in the process. Updates will be made and character sheets updated as well. Hope you have fun with how things are currently. Sorry about how things have been!

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 Adryion's WIP

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Adryion Castilion

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PostSubject: Adryion's WIP   Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:43 am

♦Adryion Castillion♦

What was that little duck? Do i scare you? .

Basic Info

First Name:Adryion
Last Name:Castilion
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Nationality: Spanish
Family: Castilion
Job/Occupation: Head of the Castilion family and Librarian

Visual Appearance

Hair: [Color, Style, and Any Accessories.]
Clothing:Adryion dresses in what ever suits his fancy on any given day, from jogging cloths to military uniforms and everything in between. The one constant is his tendency to dress in darker colors, mostly dark blues and greens.

Skin: White
Height: 6 foor 3
Weight: 203 lbs
Blood Type: O+

Distinctive Features: Imagine if you will the lost and forgotten Greek god of body cologne. Tall with rippling musculature, dark slightly curly hair, wide shoulders a slime waist and wide grinning Blue eyes. Everything is seemingly perfect, until you look too closely. His body is a mass of pale scar tissue that can barley be seen in bright light, his face is marked by thin white lines of completely healed cuts. It lends his a sort of savage beauty when viewed from a distance, but up close he looks almost alien.

Accessories: His one constant companion is a thin necklace made of plain metal that hangs loosely around his neck.


Behavior: When one thinks of a tiger, they picture a solitary beast, who’s master of its domain, prowling the night in search of pray. This is an apt description of Adryion, other then the fact he’s more of a caged beast, unable to prowl as he wants, unable to hunt, to kill to feed. At times hes almost over whelmed with his baser nature but he manages to keep it in check, but at times his predatory nature leaks through and it can be seen in the change of his gait, and the way he eyes people, it makes him come off as ether creepy or in some cases alluring and more then one person has fallen into his trap.

Positive Traits:

☆ Strong willed
☆ Intelligent
☆ Loyal

Negative Traits:

★ Stubborn
★ Animalistic
★ Violent


✓ Cats
✓ Travel
✓ The Ocean
✓Spicy Food
✓ Swimming
✓Water Polo


✕ The color purple
✕ Weakness
✕People showing fear
✕Needless lying

Fighting Style
Flame: Terra
Weapon and Description: [Be descriptive, no godmodding, and One or None.]

[At least 3; Even with Weaknesses]

[At least 3; Even with Strengths]

Name: (Name of your tech.)
Description: (What your tech is, what it can and cant do, and how you use it)
Flame: (Sky, storm, rain, sun, cloud, mist, thunder)
Downside(s):(One for each ability)

History and Etc.
Date of Birth: [Month and Day]
Your Story: (What's the story behind who you are, it doesn't have to be long, but don't make it too short either. We embrace creativity, and love good mystery.)
RP Sample:
Starting Location: (This is where your character begins there journey, one city only)
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Cesarino Familia
Cesarino Familia

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PostSubject: Re: Adryion's WIP   Sun Jul 01, 2012 5:02 pm

When will this be finished?

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Adryion's WIP

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